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Department of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Al Khoud 123, PO Box 34, Muscat, Oman sergey@squ.edu.om

Mr. Marwan Al-Fori

I have graduated from the College of Science at Sultan Qaboos University with B.S.c degree in Biotechnology. Within the biofouling project, I am studying the protective efficiency of different commercial antifouling paints in Oman waters.

The part of the biofouling project,  which I am doing,  is the identification of the macro-fouling communities growing in the Omani marine environment including Tunicata, Bryozoa, Algae, Crustacea, etc. Also, I am testing the toxicity and the protective efficiency of some of the commercial antifouling paints produced by different antifouling companies.

Additionally, I am very interested in cars and playing football as a goal keeper.