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Our address

Department of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Al Khoud 123, PO Box 34, Muscat, Oman sergey@squ.edu.om


We are actively collaborating with:


Prof. Joydeep Dutta, KTH Royal Insitute of Technology, Sweden. Nanotechnology coatings

Prof. Ricardo Coitinho, Instituto de Estudos do Mar Almirante Paulo Moreira, Brazil. Quorum sensing inhibitors from microorganisms, climate change

Prof. Martin Wahl, IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel University, Germany. Epibiosis, climate change

Dr. Chris Voolstra, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Thuwal, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Microbial symbionts of corals

Prof. Inna Sokolova, Rostock University, Germany. Toxicity of nanoparticles

Prof. Martin Thiel, Fadia Tala, University of Catalica del Norte,  Chile. Chemical ecology of seaweeds

Dr. Maria Salta, Portsmouth University, UK. Biofilms on antifouling coatings

Prof. Roberto Abdala, Malaga University, Spain. Bioactive compounds from seaweeds 

Prof. Grant Burgess, Newcastle University, UK. Microbial enzymes.  



International Paint

Marine Ecological Services

Past collaborations

Prof. Peter ProkschDusseldorf University, Germany. Isolation and identification of antifouling compounds

Prof. Valerie J PaulSmithsonian Marine Station, USA. Isolation and identification of quorum sensing inhibitors

Prof. Peter SchuppICBM-Terramare, Oldenburg University, Germany.Chemical defence of invasive and native species

Prof. Benni W HansenRoskilde University, Denmark. Novel antifouling approaches

Dr. Joao Canning-ClodeCentre of IMAR of the University of the Azores, Portugal. Biofouling and invasive species 

Dr. Jeremy ThomasonEcoteknica. Biofouling on antifouling coatings

Dr. Max TeplitskiUniversity of Florida, USA. Quorum sensing experiments