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Department of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University, Al Khoud 123, PO Box 34, Muscat, Oman sergey@squ.edu.om

Dr. Sergey Dobretsov
UNESCO Chair in Marine Biotechnology, Director, Center of Excellence in Marine Biotechnology, Sultan Qaboos University

e-mail: sergey at squ.edu.om sergey_dobretsov at yahoo.com

phone: (968)-24143750

I am a marine chemical ecologist and I have been working with marine biofouling more than 25 years. I have been lucky to work with polar, temporal and tropical biofouling species. Overall, I have published more than 90 peer review articles, 2 books, 7 chapters and obtained 5international patents. In particular, I am interested in biofouling and interactions between microbes and invertebrates larvae. I am cooperating with scientists from Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Spain, South Africa and China. My current projects are:

  • Nanotechnology for water treatment and biofouling prevention
  • Bioactive compounds from marine organisms (soft corals, cyanobacteria and algae)
  • Non-toxic antifouling defence
  • Quorum sensing and anti-quorum sensing compounds
  • Dynamics and diversity of marine biofilms 

I like hiking and exploring Oman's beautiful environment. 


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